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Into the Woods Stage Design

In collaboration with House of Chi Collective & Amsterdamse Frisdrank Fabriek, I designed and built this curly stage front for the DJ booth in the thousand people “Werftheater” tent @intothewoods ADE

Photo by Michiel Ton, Oct 2021 @intothewoods ADE

Design Process

From Sketch to Construction

Sketching the curls, inspired by Rivendell
Sketch to Wood

Jigsawing, burning and painting
Adding the Stained Glass windows, handmade by Nico de Groot and obtained via marktplaats
Painting and burning the wood for separating the beams
Photo by Niels de Vries, our full area before the storm
Photo by Niels de Vries, lit stage during the festival
Photo by Michiel Ton, behind the decks
Video by Wasim Arslan, Oct 2021, Work Flow for the House of Chi stage @intothewoods

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