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Atlantis Stage Design & Painting

In Bucht der Träumer Festival near Berlin I co-designed and painted a 15 meter long submarine inspired by Louis Verne’s Nautilus

With the Kamiwaza Crew we built the Atlantis main stage for this 13.000 people festival

Design Process

From Sketch to Construction

My first design sketch with characteristic, hydrodynamic fish shapes on the top and tail, Aug 2022
3D sketch with DJ booth and danceable roof for max. 20 people, Aug 2022
Construction team making the planes to place my painted skin of the Submarine on

Painting Rust

My main responsibility in this Stage Building was the painting the 15 meter long submarine that has about 70 m2 of skin that we decided to make rust looking

Dark background colours and texture creation (this is me!)

The work was way too much to do all myself, so a I received volunteer help. I had to teach my vision to them and learned a lot about project management and to not want to do everything myself. When I clearly communicated my vision and let go of my perfectionism, the result became amazing

Endless rusty background painting with my helpers at Bucht der Träumer

Plates were cute & connected to the submarine structure, painted again to connect the different plates, before adding the lighter colours on top of the structure.

Painted plated are being placed on the structure

I picked 7 different colours to work with, moving from dark red and blue with textures that make the lighter colours come more forwards, to orange and turquoise with a copper finish and rain protective varnish at last

Jigsawing Fin Shapes

Besides painting, I designed and cut the hydrodynamic shapes on top of our Atlantis

Which ended up looking like this all together, with our amazingly strong & creative team, just in time ready for the party to start

Kamiwaza Crew in front of freshly built Altantis stage, Aug 2022

Biggest compliment I received was the amount of people who asked who our Welder was!

Glimpse of our stage in action, with all LED’s in the deco objects and my fin shapes lit on fire

Bonus: Front of House Design Sketch

The light technicians received a beautiful house from where the last video was shot. I made the design sketch for a small submarine that is accessory to the Altantis mother ship

My Front of House sketch

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