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Illustrations for Sustainable Technologies, Design & Constructions

Metal work & Welding

Over the last years, I learned to weld both with MIG MAG and Electrode machines. SteelĀ is 100% recyclable, which makes it one of the most ideal materials forĀ upcycling.

This statue of exactly my sizes I welded at the community workshop of Gute Sache E.V. in Berlin.

For the fair trade, circular coffee company This Side Up, I made this sign for in front of their factory in Amsterdam Noord. It is made from only Upcycled steel.

The letters are connected with old steel pins to keep them in place.
Old steel pins are used to keep the letters in place.

At Fusion Festival 2023, I welded a small balcony from old metal for a light tower at the Palapa stage while working for the Wanderzirkus collective.

I learned to weld in the shared metal workers workshop “De Loods” in Enschede. I designed a chair for which I also had to learn forging with an acetylene burner, out of recycled concrete pins.

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