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Familiar Forest Festival

My favorite festival for almost 10 years! I joined building from the start in different teams; from pioneer, to deco and constructions.

finding best spots for self-made rainbows to unfold in the forest


In 2022, I joined for the first time the builders team in the woodworking of Familiar Forest. I got responsibility for the construction of the big bar, so I made the drawing and made sure all the elements like fridges, storage of full & empty drinks, coins corner and dishwashing could fit inside. then we started digging large holes for the poles on each corner, loaded the square carrying constructions, finished the frame and after sawing, screwed the roof on top of it.

Lovely team deco then came to make the bar into an oxygen tank on our outer space themed festival.


The Colour Revolution! Was the theme of familiar forest 2018. The weekend started grey with all of us on a distance, no hugging, everything strict and slowly opened ripping grey paper off the colourful bird bar and stage. I made those colourful fans that opened up half-way to colour up the sides of this main stage and served in performances. Fabrics are connected to small beams held together by a hinge in the centre.

The small fans were spread around the dance floor.

In 2019, I created this large entrance gate with rope art on the two sides, which was a solo project.


The reason I joined the festival team, are my pioneering skills learned with the scouts. The first 6 years of festival building, I made constructions with big stems and rope, super sustainable!

All 500 guests are eating together on the rope constructed dinner tables, 3 times a day, so this is the main tast of team Pioneer, bu there is always space for creativity. This is an enormous, spinning cartwheel we made in 2013.

In 2014, we focussed on building treehouses (finally! This was my dream since the beginning) and made this enormous plateau,

well used in the festival weekend!

In 2013 we also made a big entrance gat which I was the lucky one to climb to the top for making the highest knots for, connecting the upper and lower halves.

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