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Decision Matrix – Water Resilience Amsterdam North

This group project was focussed on solving the excess water problem in am Amsterdam neighbourhood (Tuindorp Oostzaan). Because of the endless solution possibilities, we created a webpage that would help municipalities together with the inhabitants to find the most effective solution for each area. I drew all the different ways to deal with the surplus (rain) water that my group came up with.

Central parking spot so that parking along the road becomes water infiltration surface
Water flow plan with height differences throughout the neighbourhood
Floating main square with water storage underneath
Useful corners next to every block
Rain water management plan
Green roofs and walls that use rain water
Communal garden with lots of green
water absorbing parking lanes
Gardner Tinder that connects green fingered neighbours to the ones with a garden that needs care
Main square fountain where pond is functioning as water disposal
Rainrater disposal system
Rain water infiltration zones

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