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Play Fight

Duration: 45-90 min

Requirements: soft floor (mats, carpets or grass)

For: everyone

Clear boundaries can be set and everyone can choose a suitable wrestle buddy

Be the animal inside. This workshop gives a safe space for connection to the primal side and physical strength. Safety and kindness through consent and staying on the knees. We gather in a circle and anyone can come to the middle to look a suitable opponent in the eyes as an invite for a duel.

Consent is crucial. Each round starts by sharing what we do and do not like. Is slapping a butt, biting a body part or tickling fun or not? 3..2..1 and go! Each duo has 2 minutes, swept up by the audience. We connect with others, discover and expand boundaries and create authentic relationships with fellow humans through those little sessions.

Impression of my Play Fight workshop at Camp Common Grounds, July 2021

We fight without losing or winning. We train as heartful warriors and warrioresses to stop violence and develop inner peace.

Play Fight workshop at Camp Common Grounds, July 2021

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