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Naked Model Claying

Duration: 1-3 hours

Requirements: warm space, smooth surfaced tables/crates/wood to cover with plastic and 5-10 kg clay

This is a workshop I share monthly in my house, and my favorite activity ever. We gather and pick one name from the hat. This person models naked for the others that practice the sculpting of body shapes. Both being the model and the sculptor help the visitors come out of their shell and connect to their creative powers!

Havre dĂȘ Perche festival hosting my Naked Model Claying workshop, February 2021

Having an actual example helps people over their creative blockages. I share the workshop often in festivals or camping sites, where most visitors are unexperienced artists, that create incredible sculptures. Especially in those hyper connected spaces, having a moment in your own creative focus is amazing.

Claying Workshop with very enthusiastic clay-newbies at Trancevision festival Berlin, September 2021

In the summer of 2021, I worked in Camp Common Grounds, a camping site in Amsersfoort, where we had lots of fun sculpting each others bodies.

Naked model claying common grounds
Naked Model Claying at Camp Common Grounds with a mixture of ages, June 2021
Amazing sculpture results

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